What Is Scionetics?

Scionetics is Scion owners from all over the USA and Canada. Scionetics is a starting place, a connection between Scion clubs, between individual owners, and a base for Scion dealers to build from.  Scionetics is the Scion community but Scionetics is not THE Scion community.  That spot is reserved solely for the people that come together, bound together by a common bond, Scion.
  • It's About The Cars - Scionetics gives Scion owners the space they need to express themselves through their ride.  Set up your own personal car show, connect with other Scion friends, show everyone what your car is made of.  It's all there and it's all free to you.
  • And Plugging Your Club - We know you have a great place to hang online, tell others about it by listing your club and all the chapters in the Car club list.  Events calendar, club roster and every entry is linked back to your club's web site.
  • And Includes Scion Dealers - Scion dealers, the ones that care to be involved, are a big reason the Scion community maintains the momentum it does in spots across the country

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Scionetics is not affiliated with Scion Motor Corp. or Toyota Motor Corp.  (We're BIG fans, just not owned or affiliated.)